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How does cold weather affect hair?

In the season of winter, the hair faces more dehydration, and the scalp gets itchy, leading to brittle hair. That is when you need to start taking care of your hair more properly in an effective manner. If you have long hair and caring for them in winter is a big problem, then short layered…

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Easy Options to protect face from cold

During the colder seasons of the year, it is normal for the skin to suffer from dryness and peeling. This is not only because of the low temperatures, but because the humidity in the air decreases, making the climate and skin dry. Other factors that also contribute to this aspect are the reduction of perspiration…

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Know why skin hurt in cold weather

If in summer you must always be aware of the high temperatures and take care that the sun’s rays do not harm the skin with burns, in winter is no different. Skin hurt in cold weather and it can damage the face, causing redness and uncomfortable feeling. Causes of Redness Reducing thermometers are among the…

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Ways to produce more melanin

Do you dream about that summer tan? Find out how to increase melanin in my skin to look perfect for months on end. Unsurprisingly, in summer, we seem to look better: light and colorful clothes, along with tanned skin, quickly change anyone’s mood. No wonder we try to know how to stimulate melanin production to…

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Reasons that skin break out in the winter

As temperatures drop and cold winds start to blow, many of you notice your skin reacting to the changing seasons by breaking out. This might seem strange – after all, breakouts are more associated with oily skin in summer, whereas winter often dries skin out. So, why skin break out in the winter? In this…

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Is wind bad for skin? We Say Yes

If you are outdoors and cold, you take shelter from the wind as wind bad for skin. This action seems intuitive. On windy days you cannot always rely on the brand of the thermometer to choose how much shelter you will use when leaving home. In addition to the air temperature, there are other meteorological…

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